Engineering works

•   Developing of engineering design and building of prototypes of vehicles or vehicle components, accessories and components thereof, measuring apparatus, and research facilities;

•   Type-approval and certification testing of products, within the scope of the authorisations obtained, aimed at improvement in the safety of operation of the equipment involved and at environmental protection;

•   Improving of the level of safety of road traffic participants, including the disabled;

•   One-off and short-run production of goods related to the subject and scope of Institute’s activities and to the trading in such goods;

•   Carrying out of development works in the field of liquid fuels, lubricants, and other operating fluids, inclusive of works on the related technologies, manufacture, storage, distribution, use, and quality assessment;

•   Creating of technologies and construction of equipment, inclusive of those aimed at environmental protection;

•   Working on the use of energy obtained from renewable sources, including:

–   Technologies of the production of biofuels from agricultural feedstock, biomass, and waste substances;

–   Wind power stations and solar collectors;

•   Building and operating of energy facilities and equipment where renewable energy sources are used;

•   Adapting of results of research and development works for practical application;

•   Implementing of ideas and solutions resulting from research and development works;

•   Carrying out of test and research work on product operation safety.