Patents and inventions – 2010

Number and list of patent applications submitted to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland:

•   P.39349; 2010-12-30: Armoured automotive vehicle for the carrying of valuable objects, typically cash; PIMOT.

•   P.393451; 2010-12-28: Method to improve the safety of carrying cash by automotive vehicle; PIMOT

•   P.392838; 2010-11-03: Device to lift the rear bonnet edge; PIMOT.

•   P.39220; 2010-08-23; Method to verify the immunity of automotive vehicles to electromagnetic field, typically at the field testing of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC); PIMOT.

•   P.391451; 2010-06-09: System to identify and locate an emergency service vehicle; PIMOT.

•   P.390897; 2010-04-01: Device to reduce the effects of a pedestrian having been hit by a passenger car; PIMOT.

•   P.390740; 2010-03-14: Automotive vehicle seat provided with a safety belt designed to restrain the child; PIMOT.