Scientific activities of ŁUKASIEWICZ – PIMOT

Scientific activities of Łukasiewicz – PIMOT
Responsable person: Monika Karnas
Telephone: 22 7777-291
Mobile: 887-878-791
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Łukasiewicz – PIMOT is an A category research institute where scientific research and development works are carried out in the field of automotive engineering, vehicle development, road safety improvement, alternative vehicle powering methods, as well as fuels, biofuels, and renewable energy sources. These works are aimed at innovations but they are also deeply rooted in economic realities of Poland, they correspond to the needs of entrepreneurs and economy, and they are consistent with the objectives and priorities of the EU Strategy 2020. The Institute offers substantive technical support to the state administration bodies that pursue strategic objectives related to transport safety, environmental protection, and energy security of the country.

From the outset of the introduction of a uniform system of type-approval and certification of vehicles and vehicle parts in Poland (the beginning of 1980s), the Automotive Industry Institute has been playing a key role in it as an element of the worldwide UN ECE type-approval system; since 2004, the Institute has also been playing such a role in the EU type-approval system. Łukasiewicz – PIMOT has been authorised by the Minister appropriate for transport issues and by international organisations to carry out tests for conformity with over 40 UN ECE Regulations and a similar number of EU Directives. A characteristic feature of the tests carried out is their high quality confirmed by numerous ISO certificates and accreditation of the test procedures by the Polish Centre for Accreditation.

The Institute’s research potential is based on 15 unique in Poland, specialistic, accredited and continuously modernised testing laboratories. Łukasiewicz – PIMOT staff members are authors of numerous scientific publications, patents, utility models, as well as papers and pronouncements presented during various seminars and conferences. Łukasiewicz – PIMOT is the publisher of a scientific quarterly “The Archives of Automotive Engineering – Archiwum Motoryzacji,” which has been coming out since 1996.

The works carried out at Łukasiewicz – PIMOT are oriented at direct practical applications and they are important for the development and improvement of innovativeness and competitive power of the Polish industry.