Student Scientific Circle of Vehicle Designers at PIMOT

Skonstruowany przez Koło Naukowe Konstruktorów Pojazdów Lotus Super 7

The mission of the Student Scientific Circle of Vehicle Designers at the Automotive Industry Institute (PIMOT) is to provide support for scientific and social activities of students of Polish universities, academies, and other higher schools. The Circle actively develops students’ interests and skills related to vehicle designing and testing. It brings together student scientific communities interested in the construction of vehicles and operating at various Polish higher schools.

In its activities, the Student Scientific Circle of Vehicle Designers at PIMOT refers to the tradition of the pre-war Polish automotive industry, making use of the designs developed at the then Polskie Zakłady Inżynierii(Polish Engineering Works).

General objectives

The Scientific Circle established at PIMOT is generally aimed at development of students’ interest in the problems related to the designing of prototypes and the testing and operation of vehicles. To pursue these objectives, the Circle chiefly makes use of the knowledge and experience of PIMOT specialists and the research and measuring equipment of both PIMOT and the higher technical schools of Warsaw.

In particular, the Scientific Circle is working towards the following goals:

•   Development of students’ scientific and research interests by broadening their knowledge and improving their skill in unassisted and collective solving of scientific and technical problems;

•   Designing and construction of vehicles, especially automotive vehicles;

•   Initiation and carrying out of works making it possible to improve the process of teaching and education of students;

•   Carrying out of research and development projects implemented by the Warsaw higher technical schools and PIMOT with participation of students;

•   Participation in the education of future technical research personnel.

Projects completed and planned:

The Scientific Circle of Vehicle Designers has carried out a number of research or design projects. The most distinctive and recognisable students’ works are experimental crash tests and vehicle prototypes. Particularly noteworthy are: a vehicle being a present-day replica of Lotus Super 7 and a motorcycle vs. car crash test.

In the academic year 2009/2010, the students completed the construction of “a vehicle powered by a droplet” and took part in the Shell Eco Marathon competition. They were the only team from Poland that was ranked among those who reached the finish line in the competition.

The Scientific Circle of Vehicle Designers develops students’ interests, enables them to implement their own ideas and passions in the field of automotive engineering, and offers them an opportunity to undergo professional training courses in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere at one of the PIMOT laboratories.

All those who are interested in joining the Student Scientific Circle at PIMOT are invited to contact

Mr Jarosław Seńko, D. Eng.

Tel. 880 763 035

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.