PCA – Accreditations

For many years, ŁUKASIEWICZ-PIMOT has been maintaining the validity of Accreditation Certificates Nos.:

  • AB 082    -  granted to testing The Group of laboratories
  • AP 025    -  granted to The calibrating laboratory
  • AC 001   -  granted to The Product Certifying Unit
  • AK 021   -  granted to The Inspection Unit

The scopes of specific accreditations are continuously monitored and modified according to customer requirements, changes in legal regulations, requirements regarding the measuring and research equipment, and requirements laid down in the reference documents.

Łukasiewicz Research Network – Automotive Industry Institute is accredited by Polish Centre for Accreditation, sygnatory:

•   ILAC MRA (ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement). The signatories to this Arrangement may mutually recognise and accept the test results and calibration certificates issued by accredited units being members of the ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation), which is an international organisation of the entities that aim at mutual cooperation in the field of accreditation of various admission programs designed for laboratories. One of the key objectives of the ILAC MRA is to help in removing technical barriers to global trade.

•   IAF MLA (The International Accreditation Forum Multilateral Recognition Arrangement), based on equivalence of the accreditation programs run by the accrediting units being IAF members, thanks to which the certificates issued by accredited entities may be mutually recognised.

Based on the agreements signed, the test reports issued by ŁUKASIEWICZ – PIMOT and provided with the MLA/MRA logo may be recognised and accepted by interested institutions in the countries being signatories to these multilateral arrangements.

The accreditation, inter alia:

•   offers objective evidence that the organisations involved pursue the best practice;

•   provides an important argument to select a specific supplier in the domestic and international market;

•   is a mechanism used to build public trust;

•   ensures that the accredited entities provide reliable information that may be taken as a basis for making decisions, e.g. on the granting of a type-approval certificate;

•   adds credibility to certification results and plays an important role in the notification process;

•   helps to remove barriers to trade through mutual recognition of the conformity assessment procedures observed (free international trade is a stimulator of economic development);

•   improves the quality of products and services as well as competence of the personnel;

•   enables the obtaining of reliable and precise results of the analyses and tests carried out in the areas related to safety, health, and environmental quality (e.g. electromagnetic compatibility tests, chemical tests, overload tests, etc.).

Useful links:

Polish Centre for Accreditation – www.pca.gov.pl

International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation – http://www.ilac.org

International Accreditation Forum – http://www.iaf.nu