Certification of fuels (bioethanol, liquid and gaseous fuels)

  • Certification Section
  • Telephone: 22 7777-051
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The Certification Unit offers certification of fuels for conformity with the standards and other normative documents specified in the scope of accreditation No. AC 001.
The certification process is run in compliance with certification program type NCP, which includes:
  1. Determining of fuel characteristics by testing;
  2. Submission of an application for certification together with the documents required, inclusive of test results;
  3. Appraisal of the application together with the associated documents from the formal point of view for the application to be registered;
  4. Assessment of the production process by inspection of the manufacturer’s organisational and technical conditions;
  5. Case review and substantive appraisal of all the documents submitted in connection with the fuel certification process;
  6. Making of a certificate granting decision;
  7. Issuing of a certificate use permit, i.e. granting of the right to use the certificate.
  8. Supervision of the certificate, including:
  • Testing of samples taken in the open market or from the supplier;
  • Assessment of the production process (inspection of manufacturer’s organisational and technical conditions).