The INNO–TEK Cluster

Łukasiewicz – PIMOT has become the leader of “The INNO-TEK Innovation Technology and Design Cluster.”

The initiative to establish the Cluster is a joint venture of business entities, scientific units, business-related institutions, and local authorities.

Apart from Łukasiewicz – PIMOT, the Cluster consists of the following members:

•   Military University of Technology (WAT)

•   Roma Sp. z o.o.

•   Motor Transport Institute

•   AMZ-Kutno Sp. z o.o.

•   Toruńska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A.

•   Wojskowe Zakłady Inżynieryjne S.A.

•   Lubawa S.A.

•   EKO Partnerzy Sp. z o.o.

•   Eko – Moto Sp. z o.o.

•   Tabal Sp. j. Jan Kidaj, Mieczysław Daniel

•   Dryps Consulting

•   Moto Technika Józef Zborowski Sp. j.

•   The Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Material Engineering

The proposal to establish “The INNO-TEK Innovation Technology and Design Cluster” is a response to the civilisation, environmental, and technological challenges facing the Poland of the 21st century.

The functioning of the INNO-TEK Cluster is based on the potential of the outstanding in Poland and highly qualified scientific, engineering, and managerial staffs of the research and development institutions and companies that develop modern material technologies or use such technologies developed at these entities. To increase their potential and competitiveness, members of the INNO-TEK Cluster endeavour to take the opportunities of carrying out joint undertakings as provided by industrial parks, enterprise incubators, local authorities, regional development agencies, and EU programmes of financial support.