Consortium for the Construction of a National Vehicle Safety Testing Centre

On 15 March 2009, a Consortium Agreement was concluded in Warsaw on research and development cooperation within the scope of the implementation of this Project, which is co-financed from the Operational Programme “Innovative Economy 2007 ÷ 2013.”

Consortium members:

•   Automotive Industry Institute (PIMOT), leader of the Project, represented by the Director, Andrzej Muszyński, D. Eng.

•   The Wrocław University of Technology, represented by the Vice-Rector for Development, Prof. Cezary Madryas Ph. D., D. Eng.

•   The Jarosław Dąbrowski Military University of Technology (WAT), represented by the Rector-Commanding Officer, Brigadier General Zygmunt Mierczyk Ph. D, D. Eng., Professor Extraordinary at WAT.

Apart from the purely scientific achievements, the main objective of the Consortium is to establish a National Vehicle Safety Testing Centre and to provide the Centre with state-of-the-art scientific and research equipment that would make it possible to raise the standard of interdisciplinary scientific research. The scope of the research and scientific work carried out within this Project will include:

•   Application of innovative materials and implementation of innovative technologies in the automotive, aircraft, defence, and railway industries;

•   Implementation of vehicle crash test results;

•   Numerical research with respect to the vehicles under consideration and structural vehicle components and to the energy absorption capacity of thin-walled structures subjected to quasi-static and dynamic compression.