About the Institute

PIMOT is a research institute directly subordinate to the Minister of Economy.

In general, the Institute performs scientific, research, and development work in the field of automotive industry problems.

The basic Institute’s activities are conducted in the field of natural sciences, engineering, and biotechnology (PKD 72.19.Z and PKD 72.11.Z) and they include:

  • Carrying out of scientific studies and research and development work;
  • Adaptation of outputs of the scientific studies and research and development work to practical application needs;
  • Implementation of outputs of the scientific studies and research and development work.

PIMOT organises and holds scientific conferences and seminars and conducts educational and supplementary training activities, inclusive of driving school activities (PKD 82.30.Z, PKD 85.53), specialistic training, and various forms of continuing education (PKD 85.59). Driving lessons for people with disability of various types are also provided.

PIMOT’s services are directly provided for such clients as:

  • Enterprises;
  • Manufacturers and importers of vehicles, vehicle components, and parts thereof;
  • Schools of higher technical education;
  • Businesses of the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • State administration units;Non-governmental organisations (NGOs);
  • People with disability of various types.

Indirect consumers of Institute’s products are all vehicle users.