Description of the experience and the competences of PIMOT in use of CNG

Automotive Industry Institute (PIMOT) is a founder  member of an Association NVG Polska, which aim is to promote compressed CNG as a fuel used in transport. The Institute has a long -term experience in exploitation vehicles and CNG filling stations. In 80’s PIMOT was running a project in which buses using diesel were converted to run on compressed natural gas. A filling station infrastructure was located at the Institute’s area and was used to power its own vehicle fleet.

PIMOT owns an Accreditation Certificate Of Testing Laboratory number AB 082 which was given by a Polish Accreditation Centre. PIMOT gives an approval of  CNG elements of an installation set in vehicles with Rule EKG ONZ nr 110 and approval of extra CNG power supply installed in vehicles with Rule ONZ nr 115.

PIMOT is a member of klastra E-MOBIL. One of its  main piece of work is a development of ecologic, low emission transport in agglomeration. PIMOT is joining this work by promoting a use of CNG for a public transport, dedicated fleet and individual users.

Because of its activity, PIMOT is cooperating with CNG filling station suppliers, experts in using CNG as a fuel for vehicles, representatives of companies selling CNG powered vehicles.