Research Group for Fuels and Bioeconomy

The Department:

  • Carries out research and development work in the field of fuels, biofuels, and lubricants for the transport and energy sectors within the scope of:
    • Development of fuels, alternative fuels, and biofuel production technologies;
    • Development of lubricant production technologies;
    • Solving of technological problems related to biofuels production and use in vehicles, furnaces, heating boilers, and generating sets;
    • Consulting services in the field of new fuel technologies and technical regulations related to fuels and lubricants;
    • Solving of equipment operation problems related to the interaction between fuel and engine lubricant;
    • Issuing of assessment reports and expert’s opinions concerning fuels, biofuels, and lubricants;
    • Standardisation work in the field of fuels, biofuels, and lubricants;
    • Carbon Footprint Reports and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis not only related with fuels;


  • Prepares opinions about the innovativeness of various undertakings;
  • Participates in the work aimed at establishing rules of the engine fuels and biofuels development policy in Poland with taking into account the regulations prevailing in the European Union;
  • Provides services within the scope of the carrying out of research and implementation works related to the following issues:
    • Composing of various petrol, diesel oil, and fuel oil grades and working out of methods of production of lubricating oils with making use of oil-derivative components and components obtained from renewable sources (biodegradable lubricants);
    • making first and second generation biofuelsfrom various raw materials as well as study works in the field of methods of production of biofuels of new generations;
    • Monitoring and operation of vehicles powered with new fuels, including biofuels;
    • Selection of appropriate lubricants;
    • Distribution and storage of fuels;
    • Assessment of quality and performance of fuels and lubricants during monitored service;
    • Assessment of the environmental impact of fuels (covering both the production and use processes);
    • Consulting and designing services within the scope of the application of heterogenic catalysts in new biofuel technologies and in environmental protection.

The Department carries out projects within the Operational Programme “Innovative Economy,” National Science Centre, National Centre for Research and Development, and European projects.


dr inż. Piotr Wieczorek
Manager of the Research Group for Fuels and Bioeconomy
Telephone: 22 7777-234
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.