Analytical Laboratory



We provide detailed analysis for a wide range of fuels, biofuels, petroleum products and carry out research and development works including the development of technologies for automotive fuels, LPG, heating oils, biocomponents, biofuels, and alternative fuels.


  • Performing the chemical composition as well as physicochemical and operational properties of fuels, biocomponents, biofuels, alternative fuels, heating oils and petroleum products testing
  • Evaluation of octane and cetane numbers of fuels, biofuels, alternative fuels in engine tests
  • Assessment of the quality of fuels, petroleum products according to normative requirements and government regulations
  • Fuel quality monitoring
  • Identification of the client's needs regarding the testing of petroleum products and fuels and the selection of test methods to meet the client's needs
  • Sampling of liquid fuels, LPG, biocomponents, biofuels, alternative fuels according to PN-EN ISO 3170, PN EN 14275, PN-EN ISO 4257
  • Issuing of expert’s opinions on the quality of fuels, biofuels, biocomponents, petroleum products.


Analytical Laboratory conducts quality control testing for compliance with the following standards:

  • Diesel fuel – quality control according to PN-EN 590
  • Petrol – quality control according to PN-EN 228
  • Biodiesel (FAME) – quality control according to PN-EN 14214
  • LPG – quality control according to PN-EN 589
  • Control of biodiesel (FAME) blends with diesel fuel.



  • development of production technology of automotive fuels, LPG, heating oils, biocomponents, biofuels, alternative fuels in terms of chemical composition, components, additives and assessment of their compatibility
  • evaluation of the properties of low-temperature fuel components and finished fuels
  • evaluation of thermo-chemical stability of fuel components and finished fuels
  • evaluation of anti-corrosive properties of fuel components and finished fuels
  • evaluation of fuel storage stability using accelerated aging tests
  • evaluation of the physico-chemical and performance properties of fuels and petroleum products in operational tests
  • support in solving problems related to the storage and use of fuels, biofuels, alternative fuels
  • standardization of fuels and assessment of compliance of finished fuels, biofuels and alternative fuels with the specifications.


Basic test equipment of the Laboratory:

  • Gas chromatographs with MS detector, FID, and TCD
  • Liquid chromatograph
  • Apparatus for determining the sulphur content of liquid and gaseous fuels
  • IR spectrometer
  • UV-VIS spectrometer
  • Fuel and lubricant lubricity testers
  • Oil product, biofuel and biocomponent stability testers
  • Apparatuses for testing physico-chemical properties of fuels, biofuels, and petroleum products
  • Apparatuses for testing LPG properties.

Experienced research and technical personnel ensure high quality standard of the test research works carried out.

Our Laboratory is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by Polish Centre for Accreditation, ensuring that we provide analytical testing to the highest industry standards (Accreditation Certificate No. AB 082).


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Manager : Małgorzata Odziemkowska
Phone: 22 7777-261
Mob. +48 881 483 085
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