Braking Systems Laboratory

  • Braking Systems Laboratory
  • Manager:
  • ul. Obywatelska 85, 93-562 Łódź
  • Telephone: 42 648-60-61
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  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The scope of Laboratory’s activities includes:

•   Testing of:

–   Automotive air compressors;

–   Components of pneumatic braking systems of automotive vehicles and trailers;

–   Components of hydraulic braking systems of automotive vehicles, coupling parts and complete metal pipes of pneumatic braking systems;

•   Developing of technical specifications and standards applicable to braking systems and vehicle braking performance;

•   Issuing of opinions on improvement proposals related to braking systems;

•   Organizing of training courses to familiarize the personnel of diagnostic stations, garages, and service workshops with the most recent designs of pneumatic braking systems and components thereof;

•   Issuing of expert’s opinions concerning vehicle braking systems and the related phenomena, including opinions commissioned by penal prosecution authorities and the administration of justice.

Having been authorised by the Minister appropriate for transport issues, the Laboratory carries out type-approval tests of vehicles, vehicle components, or accessories, necessary for the obtaining of type-approval certificates according to the following legal regulations:

UN ECE Regulations Nos. 13, 13 H, 78, and 90 as well as EU Directives 71/320/EEC, 93/14/EEC, and 76/432/EEC.

Selected R&D projects carried out at the Laboratory:

•   “Polymer binder of new generation for abrasive tools and brake linings”;

•   “Mobile command, observation, reconnaissance, and communication system.”

Basic research equipment of the Laboratory:

•   Computer-based field testing kit for automotive vehicles and trailers (with a Correvit LM measuring head and a brake pedal effort meter);

•   Towing eye attachment with a strain-gauge load transducer system, used e.g. to measure the force occurring between tractor and trailer, operating with a computer;

•   Flywheel dynamometric stand, used e.g. to test replacement brake shoe assemblies and replacement brake shoe linings;

•   WABCO diagnostic kit for the inspection of pneumatic braking systems;

•   Thermal chamber of 1 m3 capacity with force, displacement, and pressure sensors.