Measuring and Research Equipment Laboratory

  • Measuring and Research Equipment Laboratory
  • Manager: Janina Jaroń
  • Telephone: 22 7777-171
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Measuring and Research Equipment Laboratory provides services within the scope of measurements of:

•   Linear and angular dimensions;

•   Thread profiles and dimensions;

•   Geometrical errors for products made of metallic materials, rubber, and plastics, especially parts of automotive components;

•   Surface roughness, defined by e.g. CLA (centre line average), PVA (peak-to-valley average height) etc., including measurements carried out in hollows up to 25 mm deep (with a possibility to carry out the measurements at customer’s).

In addition to the above, the Laboratory offers the calibration of the following measuring instruments within the scope of linear and angular dimensions:

•   Calliper-type, all types and measuring ranges;

•   Micrometer-type, with measuring ranges of up to 300 mm;

•   Dial gauges, mechanical and electronic, with measuring ranges of up to 50 mm;

•   Dial bore gauges, with measuring ranges of up to 10 mm;

•   Thread plug gauges;

•   Thread ring gauges, with the measuring ranges to be agreed upon;

•   Vernier bevel protractors;

•   Feeler gauges;

•   90 deg squares;

•   Rules, flexible rules, measuring tapes, up to 2 m.

Basic test equipment of the Laboratory:

•   Universal microscope;

•   Abbe vertical metroscope;

•   Profilometer Surtronic 3+;

•   Micrometric head Mitutoyo Digimatic;

•   Gauge blocks;

•   Angle gauges;

•   Ring gauges;

•   Thread ring and plug gauges and master gauges for metric threads;

•  Calliper, micrometer, and dial instruments, analogue and electronic.