Vehicle Engine and Chassis Laboratory

The scope of the work done by this Laboratory includes:

  • Determining of engine performance vs. speed curves (power and torque curves) for an engine installed in a vehicle;
  • Determining of fuel economy performance of a vehicle to the UDC/EUDC procedures or any other procedure to customer’s order;
  • Measurements of the intensity of pollutant emissions during the operation of IC engines, carried out to various test procedures;
  • Determining of IC engine performance curves, i.e. performance vs. speed curves, engine governor curves, and load curves (at constant speed);
  • Durability tests of engines installed in vehicles, to any customer’s test program;
  • Bench testing of IC engines of 2 ÷ 260 kW power ratings, inclusive of the measuring of basic performance characteristics, durability and reliability testing, and measuring of exhaust emissions of such engines;
  • Engineering design work on IC engines and their components;
  • Studies, analyses and expert’s opinions concerning IC engine-related issues;
  • Testing, research work, and engineering studies on automotive heat exchangers;
  • Testing of fuel injection equipment for compression-ignition (CI) and spark-ignition (SI) engines;
  • Bench testing of automotive vehicles of up to 3.5 t maximum permissible total mass on a chassis dynamometer, including the measuring of dynamic performance and exhaust emissions.


Basic test equipment of the Laboratory:

  • Schenck 2WD chassis dynamometer for the testing of complete vehicles;
  • Automex engine test benches with eddy-current dynamometers of various sizes for the testing of engines at steady ambient conditions, provided with a computer control system making it possible to pre-program the test loads and to record the test results;
  • Integrated HORIBA automotive exhaust-gas analyser with extended CO, CO2, HC, NOx, and O2 contents measuring ranges, providing a possibility to carry out tests with both diluted and non-diluted exhaust gases;
  • HORIBA analyser for the testing of particulate matter (PM) emission;
  • Exhaust gas sampling and diluting system with a HORIBA CVS critical flow Venturi tube, to prepare the exhaust gas samples for analysis.
  • Schenck 2WD chassis dynamometer for the testing of complete vehicles;
  • AVL opacimeter model 439 for the measurements of exhaust smoke density;
  • AVL DiCom five-cell exhaust-gas analyser.

The Laboratory guarantees:

  • The tests mentioned above to be carried out by excellent specialists;
  • Professional test stands;
  • Modern monitoring and measuring equipment;
  • Short test completion periods.


M.Sc. Eng. Hubert Kowieski
Deputy Manager of Vehicle Testing Laboratory
Telephone: 22 7777-082
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.