Our special outfit

Panda PIMOT Car with automated gearbox, with no clutch pedal (code 10.02) Additional active power steering system (code 40.02) Electrically controlled mirrors (code 42.06)

DSC 2416 Controls operated with the right hand without loosing one’s grasp of the steering wheel and accessories (code 35.04)

DSC 2418“Hollow” for a handless driver (code 40.12)

DSC 2419 Steering “fork” for a driver with grip disorder (code 40.12).

DSC 2420 Manual accelerator control (code 25.04)

DSC 2421 Manually controlled service brake (code 20.06). Control knob on the steering wheel (code 40.11).

DSC 2424 Shield before the brake and accelerator pedals (code 30.09).

DSC 2426 Adjustable brake pedal (code 20.01), Adjustable accelerator pedal (code 25.01), Elevated floor (code 30.06).

DSC 2428 Left foot accelerator pedal (code 25.08).

DSC 2431 Extended pedals, extra floor plate, and elevated seat for a very short driver.

DSC 2434 Adjustable parking brake control (code 20.090).

DSC 2434 Command communicator for a hearing-impaired driver.

Driver Training Section